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Seeing that smile, Ladd asked to make sure. “Hey, you think you’re not gonna die here?”

"Well, I don’t know. If I died, then that would mean I was just a normal human after all, right?"

"Good, you’re just as dumb as I thought."

Ladd raised his left arm….

"Chris…!" Rail pulled something from her pocket to save Chris.

"N-no, Rail!" Jacuzzi cried.


Isaac and Miria my most beloved anime/criminal duo! <3 

I will let it go….


Sam Donahue and Hep the Jazz Cat at the Aquarium, New York. 1946.


Double (jazz) bassist, Vivien Garry, at Dixon’s. New York, 1947. 


Beneath the Rails: Views Below the New York City Subway by Berenice Abbott, New York City, c. 1935/36 via NYPL on Flickr Commons


Sengoku BASARA Judge End Episode 10 - Kingo & Tenkai.


Sengoku Basara Judge End - Episode 10

Favorite Scene #2 - Tenkai and Kingo

Ok, now this scene really did something for me. The small bit of tenderness Tenkai displayed…it was so unexpected. I remember last episode Kingo remarked that Tenkai was the only person who’d ever been truly nice to him. Now I can believe those words…

Just goes to show you can’t always judge a book by its cover.

Fangirl Challenge: (1/12 Actors) : Harry Lloyd

"You get to pretend to be someone else. To get out of your skin for a bit, look at the world through other people’s eyes and try to make sense of it.

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